Wednesday, February 4, 2009

preparations are complete!

sometimes i think that my cute little titles my dad awards me with aren't altogether accurate. i would like to suggest a change to manager of logistics. but i am so so so excited to report that all the plans are finally complete for this weekends festivities! try calling for friday night reservations for a party of 17, people weren't too excited...but we are!

in addition to seeing jack and erin and all of the inmates getting to meet--or re-meet--them, the most exciting part is the anticipation of jack potentially bonding with his future Service Dog. this process never ceases to amaze any of us who get to witness it, and i will be sure to give a full and lengthy report as to how it goes. keep your fingers crossed that CAYLIE, CAMDEN, IVY, LIA or JAKE (with a name change!) find their soulmate in will be an amazing day. and of course, seeing erin and SOLOMON together again always reminds us of the wonder of what we do.

well, i just had to write about how excited i am, because i think katelyn is getting tired of hearing about it so i thought i'd try another outlet : ) some days it's just nice to remember what a blessing my job is, and what a blessing all these people are who i get to meet, know, and love.

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