Friday, May 8, 2009


very very exciting news! right now, our first dog from afghanistan arrived in wv! her name is TAZIE. she is white with little brown spots here and there and a freckled little belly. she is so very sweet and submissive by personality...exactly what we look for! she slept all night without a peep. she just rolls onto her back and licks and wags her tail when you let her out. other than being ready for a bath, she is one of the happiest sweetest dogs you can imagine. none of us can imagine what she has seen or been through in afghanistan before being rescued. most dogs in afghanistan are strays. often, they are taken in by US military who are sometimes unable to bring them back to the US with them. this process is also very costly. TAZIE is going to be such a wonderful dog after a little work and a lot of love from the ladies at hazelton. then she will go on to make a veteran very very happy very soon. we will keep you updated on her progress, as of now we are getting ready to take her out to the prison where she will enjoy some very serious spa time before she begins her training!

many continued thanks to Elaine Broadhead for being TAZIE's sponsor, the first sponsor for our AfghanDogZ program. if you know anyone who might like to sponsor the rescuing of our next dog from afghanistan, please direct them to our AfghanDogZ website.

have a wonderful weekend!

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