Wednesday, May 6, 2009

to cram or not to cram

well, i have my last exam of the semester today at 11. so, rather than utilizing this valuable cram time, i am opting to blog. i don't really have too much to report, but that's ok. there's not too much to report, but i want to anyways. tomorrow dad is going to erin's IEP meeting to help update the school on the dog info for SOLOMON's arrival. i am very jealous, i hate it when he gets to see clients & i don't! especially since i haven't seend the buckles in forevvvvver. but, we are going to plan a meeting before i leave for i'll get to see all 3 clients right before i leave : ) complaining over for now! also, i have decided to take WYATT home with me this next week. i can't bear the realization that these are his last few days living with me, probably ever, and he told me he wants to spend the extra time with me : ) he'll have plenty of time to spend with the ladies at the prison when i'm in nc/ca/all over the place very soon! ok...i've successfully wasted 10 minutes and will now go be "studious" so i can keep up my gpa & get into grad school (that's funny right....the scary part is it's looking like it might happen...) have a lovely wendnesday, let's get over that hump!

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