Sunday, May 17, 2009

WYATT conquers again

well, i've just been back and forth and here and there so much lately that it's hard for me to even remember what i did yesterday! however, i can remember one thing i wanted to write about. the other day, dad, allison, and i had to go to the v.a. hospital in clarksburg (wv) for a meeting. well, i decided i would take WYATT along so he wouldn't be home alone for too long. i thought it would be a day just like any other with him tagging along, until dad told me that clay from the army wounded warriors and his service dog ARCHIE would be at the meeting too. don't get me wrong, i was very happy to finally get to meet them (it seems i'm always in class when dad meets with them, love class) but one of the few things i am still working with WYATT on is ignoring other dogs. he has gotten much better while out walking about not getting too excited and even keeping his cool, but i couldn't imagine that he would observe another service dog in the same room and keep his head on. imagine my surprise when ARCHIE came in the room and WYATT barely even opened an eye, and didn't even bother to lift his head. well, i thought, this isn't so bad! but then it was time to leave and then i knew for sure that the two noticed eachother. as we followed clay and ARCHIE out, WYATT acted as though he trails mere inches behind fellow service dogs every day, i was so impressed! but i must admit when it was time for all of us to crowd onto and already-occupied elevator, my heart skipped a beat. as the two sat side by side with not an inch to spare, WYATT acted as though he did this every day. needless to say, i was so so proud. this is far from his random outbursts a two months ago when passing other dogs on walks. this is like a whole new dog. the day could not get any better when clay gave me what i think was the biggest compliment i have ever received. he said, "wow, he is going to make a great service dog." i was beaming the rest of the day. WYATT never could have come so far without the inmates and karen's diligent help, that is for sure. but he's like a special project to me, because i've had a bigger hand in his training and socialization than i have with any service dog yet. when he graduates, it will be the first dog i can help hand over, and i am like the proudest happiest first-time mom ever. i just love him, and wanted to share that story so everyone can be proud along with me!!

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