Tuesday, June 23, 2009

big days

first and foremost, please keep erin and her family in your thoughts and prayers. with a rapidly increasing temp, erin had to go to the hospital, then was flown to another hospital due to pneumonia. she is now doing much better. dad was scheduled to go to the sunset parade tonight with their family and SOLOMON, so apparently erin is most distressed about that. poor thing! dad is going to take him for a visit at the hospital as soon as she's cleared, instead, to cheer her up. she is so brave, as are her parents in these situations, and we are thinking of them.

yesterday, VIGGO and i had a great day. our fieldtrip to target went amazzzingly well. the heeling was great. we decided to push our luck at night and walked to starbucks, and he did great heeling out of the chair too. i think we've clicked and he has learned my limits and persistence...and that i push through getting frustrated when he expects me to give up. it was such a fun day!

today, however, was not as easy. our fieldtrip was to the mall, and he was back to forging all the way. we did have little moments of success, but something about that environment kept him nearly consistently distracted. we pushed through it again though, and ended on a good note of about 5 minutes of good heeling...that was a lot for today!

he is now solidly passed out on the bed and i think i'll join him before dinner : )

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