Tuesday, June 30, 2009

nice to meet you, nigel

so, yesterday morning we got some of the best news yet....the training staff has decided to let us keep our same adult dogs throughout the seminar in order to make progress with them, rather than switching. we were soooo excited!!!!!!! (VIGGO is, too.) we also got assigned puppies, as we will have a puppy training session and an adult session each day. then we alternate who we bring home with us at nights. all of the puppies they have right now (10) are around 6 months old from 3 different litters. there are more puppies from this litters, but many are in foster puppy homes until after the next graduation when dog numbers go down. anyways, 5 of these puppies...for whatever reason, due to their acquisition, being in a puppy home, or whatnot...have little-to-no training so far. therefore, they were matched with the 5 of us who had prior dog training experience (yikes! this is the first time i've officially been put in this category in a setting like this with my peers!) i was matched with NIGEL, a sweet little golden puppy. the catch is, NIGEL and his brother NELSON were just picked up this saturday, 3 days ago! from a breeder with which the university partners with here for breeding. they were going ot be picked up earlier, however the university is leasing a pregnant girl from the same breeder (i'm learning so much here!) and they decided to make the 18-hour roundtrip for all 3 when the breeder was ready to come here to whelp. anyways, the point is, NIGEL just got his naaaame on saturday, let alone knowing anything else! well, it will be exciting, that is for sure! and he is too cute to worry about it. that's the update for now!

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