Tuesday, June 2, 2009

updates times a million

i know, i know...i've been a very bad blogger lately. i'm sorry, the days are just running away from me. anyways, to pick up where i left off...our time at FPC Alderson went very very well. the women are very excited and have taken to karen's academic material very quickly and are doing so well with the dogs! prison program number three is officially underway! karen, i might add, is doing a wonderful job of teaching!

yesterday, i took CORINA to grace's annual golf tournament to catch up with grace and COLT. CORINA did so great, but the best part was seeing how well grace and COLT are doing. he has just fit into her routine. i barely saw grace at all, actually, because she was busy running here, there, and everywhere with her friends...COLT faithfully trotting along next to her chair. although i mostly talked to her mom, kim, it was the best thing to see, because before COLT grace usually stayed very close to her mom. now she's barely containable...just like a little girl and her friends should be!

other than that, i've just been trying to get caught up with unpacking and re-packing and have now left wv permanently for the summer! it's a very weird feeling. i'm home for a few days before another short trip then leaving for california. talk about running around!

well, the most important reason for this post is that after a few hours i've finally filtered through and edited all of our pictures from the trip. you can see them here, with the password paws4people. heidi is a lot better picture taker than i am, because when it's my job i usually forget halfway through and am busy talking and playing with the kids....so the scenes with a lot of pictures are thanks to heidi, and the times with only a few are my fault...SORRY! i hope you enjoy them though!

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