Thursday, August 27, 2009


so, i've been holding out on all of you. as suspersticious as i am, i wanted a few days to cuddle before i revealed that i got a new puppy. BOURKE (you say it like burke) is my brand new boy. i say "my," not "our," well...because he's mine! for several months now, i have been researching english creme golden retrievers. i had already decided i want a boy, and what i wanted to name him, because all of my own dogs have "B" names. i just hadn't found anywhere i was quite happy with getting him from. and i don't know quite enough to get into the whole international thing yet. so imagine my surprise when we received a general contact us email from a woman in the wv area where we operate, asking how she could help. when i replied to find her interests, she revealed that she had one puppy left from an english creme litter that she was interested in donating. she knows of grace and COLT, and they served as such wonderful ambassadors that she so valued our program to make such an offer. well, you know how i feel, and this was just all too good not to be fated. so, after many conversations with beth, i went out to meet the dogs on tuesday. BOURKE's mother, DARBY, is from canada and his father, ELVIS, is from france. their newest family member, and tiny beautiful puppy HATTIE, is from serbia. how exciting!

well, as if i need to tell you, he is wonderfulllllll. spunky, smart, cuddly, loving, and to say handesome would be an understatment. i love him already. why do i need another dog? well, i don't, but i wanted one. actually, he will have a very important job. he will serve as my own demo dog to help me with publicity, press, fundraising, and education when i move on to my next projects after college. plus, i think BRADIE should have another dog to live with once we are out of this environment where i have dogs in and out. dogs just shouldn't be alone. BRADIE is very maternal with BOURKE, cleaning and checking on him. this is unusual for her with any dogs outside of our pack at home, so it was wonderful for me to see. BOURKE will spend a while in the prison to aid me in fast-tracking his training, and so he gets plenty of attention all day everyday while i'm desperately trying to finish up this crazy semester.

well, that's the update for now. pretty good, huh? please visit to see BOURKE's wonderful parents and the amazing people who blessed us with him. here are just a few pictures : )

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