Tuesday, October 27, 2009

*100th post*

well, as someone who never wanted to blog and just accepted it as a work assignment, i didn't think i'd ever make 100 posts! not did i ever think that - when i remembered/had time - i would actually love blogging! i appreciate you all wanting to stay up-to-date on my crazy weird life, and all of the wonderful goings-on with p4p.

this weekend, i made the pilgrimage home in an effort to concentrate solely on completing (well, starting and completing) my honors portfolio....the last step in being able to graduate from the honors college here. well, a few focused (usually, i don't actually continuously focus on school work) hours and 10 papers later, it was done! so what was i to do with the rest of my weekend? well, thankfully for me, katey requested to keep both WYATT and BRADIE for the weekend, not willing to part with either. unable to make a dogless trip, i decided to take home the baby BOURKEster. he was so good! it seems as though his intestinal meds are working because he back to eating happily, back to a great weight, and back to learning and running around! he has come so far in his learning since the last time i had him for a weekend, which is to be expected with the hard work of hte inmate trainers. he is so very smart, and he's really showing it! he had a great time wrestling with SOLOMON all weekend, as none of the other dogs really had an interest in playing. he laid on the otomon with his bone the whole time i did school work. he did want to wake up a little earlier than i did each morning, but for a puppy, i'm ok with that being the sole complaint. my mom and grandparents finally got to meet him and - of course - couldn't get over his quiet nature and dashing good looks!

hope you all had a great weekend too!

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