Monday, October 12, 2009


well, this weekend i got to have a short little getaway to nc. i got to spend some quality time with jeremey, candance, and paul, which was very nice...but, as always, this was a working vacation. i'm not complaining, at this rate, i'll take any chance to kill two birds with one stone. saturday we visited jack's funraiser, a multi-vendor event at their church, which was very nice and did very well for us! we thank everyone involved, again, for their time, effort, and help. there's nothing like seeing a community come together for one of "my kids." (no, their parents are not aware that by signing the dog custody contract on graduation day they are also signing their children over to me, it's a secret!) anyways, we also squeezed in a meeting with out great new embroidery company to get things rolling on that front. anyways, i'm back to the grind now. CAYLIE is at my house now for a few days due to some dog shuffle logistics you don't even want me to try to explain, but you'll see below how she lounges around know, lisa said she wanted a princess...and we always deliver on our clients' requests : )

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