Sunday, November 15, 2009


well, the chaos is behind us. i'm so proud to say that we had a beautiful, wonderful graduation of 8 assistance dogs yesterday with the best company around. everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, as i sincerely hope they did. i want to thank evvvveryone who helped so much with all of the planning and execution. congrats to all of our clients, we love you! thank you to everyone who made long trips to join us. and mostly thank you to everyone for putting up with me the last few months during my planning. before we know it it will be time to do it all again!

i know everyone is anxious for photos, and we had two very wonderful photographers there (& two other wonderful p4p photographers too!) we have to sign some media releases for these wonderful people who so generously donated their awesome talents so that they can include our photos in their if you get emails asking you to complete those please do it!! i can't distribute photos until you do!! but just as soon as i can i will have photos for everyone everywhere!!

thank you all again!!!!!!!!

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