Tuesday, December 8, 2009


hi all!
today is my last of 3 capstone presentations...they're kind of like exit interviews/presentations on the topic of your major in front of representatives from your department. because of my nontraditional major, i'm soooo lucky and had to do 3! well, needless to say my senioritis (which i've had for the last 3 years) is allowing me to procrastinate. so i'm off to work on that until this afternoon.

just wanted to remind everyone to please subscribe to our friendfeed to stay in the ever-growing paws4people loop. to do so, go here. i know you can view it wihtout joinging, but we'd love for everyone to take the minute to join so that we can build up our page. that way, you'll get our messages and info all the time without missing a thing!

lastly, voting on facebook for our chance to win $25,000 end on friday. please vote by clicking on the cute little button on the top of my blog. also, please send out the invite to your friends for the next few days. we have a huge chance of being among the winners, which would be the best start of a paws4people new year yet! PLEASE HELP!

thank you all, have a good week. if it's anything like it is here, stay warm!

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