Tuesday, December 15, 2009


hello all!

well, it's official....I GRADUATED!!!! no more complaining about classes, at least for a while. thanks to everyone for sticking with me my past few years...i know i wasn't always a peach! i still have exams this week, it's backwards because of the holidays. then friday, i have to move all of my crap home...and let me tell you, i've acquired A LOT of stuff! we all know moving is never fun, but after that i might catch a little break just in time for Christmas!

just a few reminders....voting for the chase facebook challenge is closed now, tomorrow we will find out if we were one of the top 100...nervous!!!!! if so, i'll be bugging you all to vote again in january, so we can win A LOT of money!

also, SOLOMON and BRADIE's photo contest goes on for a few more days. click their names to vote. you can vote for both of them once a day. please vote...if either/both get in the top 10 i'll win some money to purchase dog supplies with, and that is alllllways a need, yaknow!

lastly, here is the link to a wv newscast profile piece about me. my biggest disclaimer: i never said that i'm only in this for the short term (last blurb of the piece) but you know, things always get a little jumbled in these media things. all-in-all, it was a nice piece for SOLOMON, p4p, and myself! enjoy!

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