Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a lotttt of miles

well, what to say. it's not that i've had nothing to blog about, it's that i've been unable to blog because i'm so overwhelmed. luckily, with my job, overwhelmed is always a good thing. last week, dad and i drove 2,450 miles in 6 days. i have still not recovered, and i'm not sure i will before we leave again for ft. stewart on monday. it really took a lot out. we dropped JAKE and CAROLINE off at ft. stewart, bringing their dog count up to 4. we then headed over to wilmington for some big business meetings which went very well. then, we headed back to ga to atlanta for amy (samantha's mom)'s wonderful wine & wag fundraiser. it was so fun! WYATT and CORINA attended and many, many people in the atlanta area are now more aware not only of p4p, but what these special dogs can do. thank you to amy and all of her fellow hostesses! it was such a success! then, we made it back home. i also got to see jeremey for a change, he's at benning for airborne school so he came over to atl for the fundraiser. we had about 5 free hours on saturday (gasp) so jeremey, dad and i got to visit my great aunt and uncle in atlanta. that was very nice! well, now we're back and i still have the big lug, WYATT. i must say, i will never be ready to let him go again. he and i are working through some of his residual issues and he's doing wonderfully. he is one of those dogs who always needs ot be stimulated, so he's got himself into a whole new "reading" project. when he's got it down, we'll make a video of it that i think will make your jaw drop.

on one last note, speaking of videos, one of our most devoted handlers, sharon, and her RAD NIKKI have put together a spectacular video describing NIKKI's work. here it is! LOVE,K
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