Tuesday, September 21, 2010

one week

well, one week from now, give or take 12 hours or so, sweet CLAIRE will be having her puppies. we did the xray on friday and saw 8 little spines in there, and let me tell you she is just miserable. she seems to get visibly bigger everytime you look at her. she is very pitiful, and is doing her best to pout at all times. she rarely wants to go outside, or leave the bathroom floor for much of anything other than eating...and in the last day or so she hasn't been able to finish all of her food at meals...there's just no room in there!

well, i'd love to blog more about it; but the puppy basement is not yet complete and i have to go finish the painting so we can move on with the set up. no rest for the soon-to-be-veryyyy-weary!

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