Friday, February 11, 2011

FOX News!

well, in case you haven't heard yet, WYATT and i got to be on FOX News! the big, cable one! my dad, WYATT and i made our way into the heart of dc. we made our way into the building and were taken to the green room. i got a nice hair and make-up touch-up, but WYATT was clearly already handsome enough as they said he didn't need anything! then, wendy from IKEA arrived with the sweetest gift basket for me! she stayed to help us along with the interview, it was such a help to have her there! soon enough we were taken into the studio and mic'd up, and WYATT got to sit in his own chair, as everyone quickly determined he was much too refined for the floor. he has a way of making himself a rock star, but if you've ever met him you already knew that! i was interviewed by kimberly guilfoyle, but i couldn't see her, i talked to a black screen and heard her in my ear. that was a little strange at first, but it went so quickly i forgot right away. WYATT stood up right on cue when kimberly asked about him, although he had no bug in his ear! below is a picture of us in the green room, and here is the link of the interview! it was so much fun, i hope we get to do more soon. thanks to IKEA!!

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