Monday, April 18, 2011


well, here's yet another big announcement. we are officially beginning the opening of our sixth paws4prisons program. this time, it's different, though. this program is opening at Lakin correctional center, a west virginia department of corrections female facility. that's right, a state institution. isn't funny how life makes you eat crow and do things you said you never would sometimes?

lakin has a dedicated wing consisting of 22 cells and 44 inmate beds that is dedicated to dog programming. a different program has operated there in the past. this facility, with the dedicated housing wing, yards, etc. is set up like no other facility we have. we loved it at first sight! we have obviously had several meetings there, and last friday dad and i had our first presentation to the population and small group meeting with the inmates who had been in the dog program before. they asked lots of great questions and we stated to educate them on our philosophy, training styles, requirements, etc. in addition to the big "philosophical" change over that will have to occur in the inmates staying in or joining the program, our year-long academic program is also a very new (and scary!) concept to them. hey, i can relate, i'm not exactly having a party being back in school these days! due to the impending litter, we have not yet set a date to move dogs to lakin and officially start the program. but they have been left with two of our initial academic packages for self-study as we start to work on logistics over here.

speaking of the puppies, they are due one week from today! i'm holding a little contest on our facebook page. the person who posts the closest guess to the date and time of the first puppy's arrival will get to choose a name once the naming theme and name list are revealed! start guessing! in the meantime, we'll be busy trying to get everything ready for them...but are you ever really ready for the baby?!
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