Saturday, February 28, 2009

home sweet home

so, here i am at home for only the 2nd time this semester. the only other time was an overnight trip for a fundraiser, imagine. usally i'm home every few weeks, so it has been odd. and since i have a sinus infection, it's much better to mope around here anyways! i decided to leave WYATT at the prison for the weekend since it's always a mess bringing a new dog home with our 6 here. plus, we have PUMPKIN the rescue dog still here, so i just wasn't ready for the chaos! we've decided he'll stay there through next weekend when heidi and i take our trip, instead of moving him back and forth every few days. so, no funny WYATT stories for a few days : ( i'm sure something else will come up in the meantime. have a wonderful weekend!

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