Monday, February 23, 2009

it's monday again

well, here it is monday again already. i haven't been writing much because i haven't done anything too out of the ordinary and it just seems boring to me! monday = panera and sign language, to which WYATT was our chivalrous date once again. panera was packed tonight, so we had to sit in a little booth right by the drink machine. i was engrossed in cramming for sign, and didn't notice an employee come up behind me to dump a huge bucket of ice to refill the drink machine. boy did this wake up slumbering WYATT in a hurry! although ice is one of his very favorite things, and gallons were being tantilizingly dumped just feet from him, he only responded by picking up his head from the floor and blancing it on my foot. he watched longingly for several minutes, not twitching a muscle as random pieces fell to the floor within his reach. when she was done dumping and left, he looked up at me briefly to confirm he was not released to clean up, and slumped back over with a groan to sleep. i tell you what, this boy sure can show some impulse control....but at home it's all play time and all impulse all the time. i would much rather it be this way than the reverse; and i am happy to have him both to be proud of in public and frustrate/entertain me at home. i know i say this all the time, but i sincerely cannot wait until he is placed with his veteran because no matter who they are or what their problems may be, they are going to be smiling 95% of the time with this clown.

so, as pathetic as it is, that was the only thing i have to write about in the last 3 days! it's midterm week, so maybe that's why my outlook is a little bleak! i actually have to study...which i really only do during midterms and finals...don't tell anyone! hopefully i'll have a few highlights to share in the meantime : )

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