Friday, February 20, 2009

puppy play date

so yesterday, the C3 puppies had another set of booster shots. let me explain who exactly those are, since we have just a few dogs! C1=COLT, our (heidi & i's) beloved and admittedly in-many-ways favorite, who is now grace's Service Dog. he was so wonderful and rediculously handsome, that we decided to get the C2 puppies=CAMDEN, CAYLIE, [and CORA, who passed away last year] from American Goldens with the same mother and father, DAISY and RUDY. well, it should be obvious that when julie told us they were having a third and final litter from the same line, we begged for three more, C3=CAROLINE, CLAIRE, and CORINA. so, that's why we have so many "C" names.

phew, all that being said, the C3 babies got a jail break yesterday to go to the vet. since thursdays are dad & i's scheduled school visits to cheat lake elem we decided to take them. they did great! we didn't ask them to do any commands, just a lot of licking and petting. the kids really enjoyed seeing the tiny ones...doesn't everyone? afterwards, we had a few hours to kill before the vet, so my apt became a zoo! BRADIE, WYATT, ADDIE [came up with dad], CAROLINE, CLAIRE, AND CORINA. ohh my that was a little wild and stressful...but a lot of fun to watch. of course our boy WYATT played and played with them, he was really great with them. after that, heidi and dad were nice enough to take them to the vet so i could get ready for this awards banquet thingy i had to go to. all went well at their check-up and they are now back home at the prison. but boy, was it a tiring afternoon!

i've posted some pictures of the cuties [and just a few pics of the award for my mom & grandparents], password is paws4people again. hope you enjoy!

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