Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lunch date

today WYATT went to two classes with me. in between, we went to the mountainlair for our lunch break. campus was buzzing because it was 55 degrees here today, the first time we'd seen above freezing since fall. to add a little more craziness, today was the last day of student govt elections so there were kids everywhere handing out food & flyers. to my horror, one SGA booth thought it was cute to dress dogs in their campaign t-shirts. not trained dogs, not good dogs, just dogs. i was doing alright, distracting WYATT with commands to keep him calm as we passed, until one came trotting our way - without a leash on! the nerve of people, i probably could have killed them. anyways, the dog was intercepted before it made a full approach and although a little excited WYATT stayed quiet (miracle transformation) and began responding to me again as soon as we were a few steps past. good one. then we did lunch in the crazy packed mountainlair - but this was no sweat for the boy. well, i guess that's all the info i have for today!

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