Tuesday, February 17, 2009

random updates

hi! for all of you who had trouble accessing the pictures before of erin and jack, here is a better link: wv visit feb 09 and the password is: paws4people. sorry to add the complication of password protection, but it keeps my pictures from coming up in people's random searches on photobucket. i'm working on making an account with a more sophisticated pictures hosting site with unlimited space, but it will take me a while to figure out!

the other tidbit i've been forgetting to share is that heidi and i will be taking 3 dogs down to nc the first wknd of march to visit alex. since alex's abilities to travel are limited due to some of his needs, we will be taking the dogs to him to hopefully find his match as well. i'm sooo excited to see all of my nc people again so soon!! you know, i like it down there just a little bit! i'll let you know when we've officially decided which 3 dogs we'll take...or more like which 1 of the remaining 4 will be left out! poor thing!

no class on tuesdays so WYATT had to suffice to entertain us around here. just as katey and i both accidentally drifted off into a little cat nap, he heard the trash men come and woke us up with his ferocious bark. gee, are we lucky to have WYATT, without him we might just have snuck in a nap!

lastly, i'm glad to hear and report that jack is doing better : ) ok well it's almost time for american idol!

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