Monday, February 16, 2009

oh mondays

so, it was just another monday here. monday this semester means class from 8am-10pm. i decided not to put WYATT through that...or maybe i really just couldn't handle one more thing ;) but on my break before my last class he looked pretty pitiful so i suited him up for class. i must say, something about the black labs looks so handsome in their red capes! anyways, last class is 3 hours of sign language. every monday, katelyn and i make our faithful pilgrimage to panera before sign. WYATT was almost a pro under the table, once he decided to lay down...he's a little picky. after dinner we headed to class. now as you can imagine, this is quite a quiet class. well, WYATT did his usual huge hippo snore/groan in the middle of his sleep during a particularly quiet time, which was a little embarassing but mostly hilarious. besides that, he met about the whole class and watched with a confused look as everyone signed the whole time...this isn't quite like the classes he's been used to. he seemed to think everyone was gesturing to try to get his attention. long story ended, it was another successful day for the WYATT. i am so excited to find his veteran because they will certainly gain a life full of laughter with this fellow. well...that's about it for today. 14 hours of class later and that's about all i can type : )

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