Saturday, February 14, 2009

religion class

so, yesterday WYATT accompanied to my Christianity in America class. was this ever interesting. first, we rode the PRT to class. for those of you unfamiliar with morgantown, this is our little campus transportation system because we have 2 separate campuses. it's sort of like a little train with individual cars that hold about 20 people, and moves on an elevated electrical track from one side of town to another. needless to say, it's quite the foreign concept for dogs. WYATT did excellent, from following me through the turn-about to sprawling out on the floor of the car. the funny noises, abrupt stops, and wobbly ride did nothing to phase him. his greatest weakness was investigating people's shoes, but we got right on that.

but class itself was probably his biggest accomplishment of the day. he said hello to some of my friends, but went right under my table when class started. the problem was, this was no ordinary class. it just so happened that we had a mock revival scheduled for that day. i must say, i was a little nervous when my professor warned me that people would be yelling, falling, crying, and even barking like a dog re-enacting a colonial journal entry about a Methodist camp meeting. i was quite prepared for WYATT to attempt to join in the chaos. however, when the verrrry loud preaching started, and certain classmates joined in their parts, WYATT simply woke up and looked at me. i encouraged him with some food, and a minute later he flopped back over and went back to sleep.

i must say, karen, you have certainly done your job. right now, wiggly WYATT is jumping and wagging all over my apartment with BRADIE's gigi; but in public, he was simply wonderful, even when he had every excuse not to be. he certainly is an entertaining dog, so i'm sure he'll keep me full of updates for you all!

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