Wednesday, February 18, 2009


well, now that i finished watching my mountaineers embarass notre dame, i have a minute to blog : ) i opted not to take WYATT to class today in the downpours of rain...i don't think a wet lab's scent makes a very good Service Dog ambassador! so, he had to settle for errands with us tonight. we went to panera...again...can you guess our favorite restaurant? and he was wonderful, again. on our way to walmart to stock up on food for the prison, we got stuck in the bumper-to-bumper traffic for the sold out basketball game--bad idea. but it actually turned out to be great, because it was my biggest success with WYATT of his biggest problems when we sent him down to karen's rehab was his fearful reaction in the car. due to some of his early experiences, WYATT had some very severe fear when confined in a car or kennel. however, when stopped in traffic with a steady flow of very noisy people walking by the car, WYATT slept peacefully. a few months ago, this would have been a scene of solid barking and cowering until we escaped the traffic. this was just a bit more proof of the wonderful dedication karen put into our boy on his southern retreat...i'm so proud and grateful! without success like this, WYATT would not be able to be placed as a Service Dog as we temporarily feared...however each day with me he's proving he earned his certification.

here at home though, he's still wiggly, wild, playful, and slightly mischevious. it's like having 2 different dogs! he does bark a lot due to the loud nature of college apartment life, he's not big on the random people being loud in the hallways; but that is improving as well.

tomorrow we're taking the 3 newest babies for their booster that should bring some good stories and i'll try to get some pictures too!

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