Friday, March 13, 2009

CAMDEN at school

yesterday was CAMDEN's first trip to school. he did so well! i didn't ask much of him other than to be polite and cuddle with the kids. he was happy aslong as he was touching me, but kept his focus on the students-he's so observant! he quickly fell asleep, just like at alexs house, despite the kids examining his teeth, tongue, ears, counting toes, locating his tail, etc. he would be a vet's favorite dog, sleeping through examinations like that! after about 40 mintues he woke up and abruptly stood up and looked at me. i thought maybe a poke had jostled him, so i tried for a few minutes to get him back down. he stodd behind me, showing no stress signals, simply telling me he was done. each kid said goodbye one by one and we left a little early...because "listening" to the dog is just always the best bet! (i've learned this the hard way) CAMDEN zonked out the whole ride back to the prison, it was just a big experience for him...but you never would have known it by the way he acted with the kids. he was so great!

now i'm home for some meetings/spring break. i'll be out of town all week (yay!) so i probably won't have much to report....but i'm sure a few things will filter to me through the channels so i'll be sure to keep you updated!

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