Saturday, March 21, 2009


hi! i'm back after a wonderful vacation! everything was great, except that it's over already! thank you to everyone who made our first vacation in years possible...especially candace and heidi for watching some of the dogs. it's relatively impossible for the three of us to all travel together, so it was such a treat.

that being said, the time "off" has left me with a lot to report. there are a few VERY exciting things that i can't report until after our big press conference on wednesday when they are announced. but until then.....BRADIE went to school with candace everyday and she was in heaven. i was so glad to hear that she did so well with candace and her kids. she even worked the room for candace's big teacher-of-the-year observation! speaking of which, our top 5 candidate was on the front cover of the paper today and i will post that just as soon as i scan it! anyways, can said she'd do a little write-up about BRADIE's shenanigans so i could post that too.

also, amanda's mom has produced a beautiful video of amanda and ELLIE. click here to see it. you absolutely must watch it.

good to be back to the grind...or at least the blogging part...lots to come soon!!!!

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