Saturday, March 28, 2009

lady LILLY

well, on thursday we returned to our usual school visits. this week, since CAYLIE, CAMDEN, and 3 of the tiny girls had passed with flying colors, i decided it was miss LILLY's turn. for those who don't know, LILLY was chosen verrrrry specifically to be candace's 2nd dog. she is spending her first year-ish in the prison to ensure that she is ready to fit into their household...we don't know if paul's heart could take anymore chewing, crying, or otherwise chaos! well, let me tell you, this LILLY is wonderful. she reminds dad and i of amanda's ELLIE so much that it is scary. sometimes i think that our foundation is way too young to already be getting twin sets of dogs...but first COLT and CAMDEN now ELLIE and LILLY. well, those are 2 pairs i won't complain about having repeats of!

LILLY is aiming for public access so candace can use her for demo's and public relations, as well as school. so, she went to her first restaurant (bob evans actually) before school. other than sniffing while walking - she did redirect pretty well for me - she did GREAT. she laid under the table and even fell asleep before the end of the meal, which says a lot for a dog that young. (ok, admittedly i'm really bad about the dog birthdays, heidi has them all memorized...but we got LILLY and INZLIE in sep. so that puts them around 8 months.) then we went to school, where other than some excitement pulling, i have not one single complaint. seriously. amazing. you would have thought that she had been in that class room for months. she layed, licked, lounged, and even listened to some of the kids' commands (they snuck in despite my saying she was only relaxing on her first day, so they whispered them behind me and she still listened!)

all-in-all, i can't wait for LILLY to be ready to go home because i know she's going to be the school dog candace has been waiting for for 3 years now! it will be great.

also, as a result of the press conference, we got a huge beautiful spread in the dominion post, which is the main wv newspaper. dad and i are working on turning it into a .pdf so i will share asap. : )

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