Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hi all!

the day went very well today! i was at class/tests in the morning (of course) but the group went to the prison and everyone said that it went very very well. our visitors included diana and allison of p4pVA; kali, a student at george mason who is giving us some PR help; davin, i'll talk about him below when i explain the press conference; sam, our strategic partnership liason from the Wounded Warrior Project headquarters in jacksonville, fl; mr. rankin of the U.S. Army's Wounded Warrior Program, and his Service Dog ARCHIE; and neil and KD of photoworks who graciously came to photograph our events once again. the guests were graced with a presentation fully planned by the program inmates including speeches and dog demonstrations.

so, in the afternoon we arrived at the VFW for our press conference. sara of p4pWV and of course trusty katelyn and jeremey came to help also. at the press conference, we announced the following things which i've been dyyyying to tell you:
1. Within the next few months, paws4prisons will expand its operations to include FPC Alderson (women's camp) - Alderson, WV and SPC Jesup (men's camp) - Jesup, GA.
2. We have teamed with Davin Scites Motorsports to create the paws4vets racing team/car. we are soooo thrilled with davin's generous ideas and cannot wait to see the car! i will show it to you asap!

in the meantime, we did get some press today. i have been forced to place this link on here, so begrudgingly, here it is. you'll notice our boy WYATT got a lot of face time, he's quite popular! the other 2 dogs present were CHAENEY and's dogs who work in school and the adolescent residential psychiactric treatment facility (paws4transitions). also, we should get some newspaper publicity tomorrow, so i will try to track down an online version of that too.

well, as you can imagine it's been a stressful start to the week, so that's all i really have in me right now. but i'm glad now everyone can be up-to-date. hope you are all doing well!

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