Tuesday, March 31, 2009

super tuesday

so, today consisted of the library, which i avoid at all costs but just could not put off any longer. i've successfully procrastinated my 2 big research papers and now must crack down. the good news is, other than those, life is pretty low-profile this week and next. this weekend will actually be my first in morgantown since feb and my last until next school year, it looks like. so i'll try to enjoy it! heidi was nice enough to bring WYATT into town to meet us today so we made a training exercise at panera out of it. noooow before you get all judgmental, our routine got thrown off last night and we did NOT go to panera before sign language...so it's not as bad as it sounds! so, WYATT is back to light up our lives for a few weeks until my next trip.

i got to talk to jack's mom today, which was nice. i wish i could see them and all of our families more often : ( just another reason to loathe school i guess! anyways, jack is doing well which is so good to hear! the seizure activity has really calmed down since when they were up here visiting. also, their church is doing some really good fundraisers for us and they have some other pretty original ideas floating around. i just love our creative families!

lastly, katelyn got some very exciting news to follow up with yesterdays. she GOT THE FBI INTERNSHIP for sure! we are soooo excited. and she's not doing some shabby job either, she'll be in the criminal investigations unit at hq in d.c. i am sooo happy for her. even though i officially now cannot pack her in my suitcase and take her to cali with me, it's a good reason to be on different coasts all summer.

it's supposed to storm here tomorrow, so i don't know if i'll take WYATT to class or not...but i'm sure i'll have some of his shenanigans to post soon either way!

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