Wednesday, April 1, 2009

running away

so, today was a normal wednesday. it was reallly muddy and rainy this morning so i let WYATT have one more day off school. (i live vicariously through him.) anyways, i've been trying this new running regime inspired by candace and her valiant upcomming half-marathon. i decided 2 years off since i stopped cheering here and i was due for some exercise. well, as i said, this running thing is very new to me and i'm hating it; but today, i took WYATT for some laughs.

i was running down on the rail trail by the river, which is nice. it's not super busy but there is a fair amount of traffic. of course, the first person we passed had a huge, fat lab and WYATT barked and pulled me. well, i told him that was not going to be anymore alright with me than karen, and i think he got the memo. we ran ran ran along and came next to a dad with a baby stroller, plus a toddler, plus a lab again. gosh, if kids and a dog and a stroller weren't the last thing i'd ask to see with WYATT. but this time his ears barely even perked, his body language remained otherwise unchanged, and we ran by without any problem. from there, the bikes and people we passed were invisible. what a relief!

well anyways, here's the kicker. today, i'm feeling pretty proud i've ran this long (ahem, we're talking mere days here) without giving up...and my dear friend candace decides to inform me i'm going to run the paws4people 5k with her in wilmington....oh you know, in 3 weeks. well, i made a deal with her that we would run/walk the marathon and pray i still breathe at the end....but yes, it is going to be as hilarious as it sounds.

so, i guess WYATT and i will have some pretty consistent running dates until then! we'll keep you updated!

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