Tuesday, April 28, 2009

not much of anything

hi all,

well, as they say, no news is good news. and i just really have no news! the usual craziness with trying to establish logistics at the prisons for dogs moving in and out and all around, but that's about it. yesterday was my last day of 14-hours-of-class monday....for now. i have just about the same schedule next semester but we're just not talking about that yet. WYATT went all out and about with me on friday and he was the best he as been yet. since his last stint at the prison, he has been heeling better than ever. observing his behavior around here, it seems like he is finally reaching his adult plateau. those labs, i tell you, stay puppies for far too long! but he really does seem to be growing up and settling it, it's so fun to watch. don't get me wrong though, WYATT will never be normal. that's why i love him so very much, no complaints here!

gosh, really, as boring as i am, i have nothing else to report for now. but, i really can't complain about some chaos-free time either. i'll tell WYATT to come up with something quick! take care!

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