Wednesday, April 29, 2009

we can always count on WYATT

so, as promised, there was not a long peace spell here. yesterday katey and i went out to run some errands and came back to find WYATT had gotten a little tummy sick in his kennel. it was just the throw-up kind, so it could have been worse. but, due to some events in WYATT's puppy-hood before he entered our training program, he went through a phase of some severe kennel anxiety. candace and karen solved this inadvertantly by putting him in a small plastic vari-kennel (while they were trying to replace the very nice huge wire kennel he destroyed). suddenly, he was happy. it's like he needs a very tiny very dark cave to feel safe. now, it's not unusual to find him in his open kennel sleeping during the day. well, needless to say the fact that the kennel is so small & enclosed did not help the sickness situation. poor WYATT was covered in mess and stood looking very pitiful as we plotted how to solve this mess.

i emptied my bathroom and took him out of the kennel straight into my (very small) tub. bath tiiiiime. let's just say my apartment isn't really suited for extensive grooming, but there was no choice. WYATT was very very cooperative in his tiny little shower. thankfully, the rain held off so i could put him on the porch afterwards. then, as i gazed at my now very hairy bathroom with about a half an inch of water on the floor and bubbles all over the walls i said well heck, might as well utilize the mess and throw BRADIE in here too. BRADIE LYNN was very very unhappy about this. she still hasn't fully made up to me. but, we now have 2 very clean and beautiful dogs....what a nice surprise!

needless to say, i didn't get done exactly what i'd planned yesterday after 2 hours of bathing and then scrubbing the bathroom. but 2 clean dogs and bathroom later we are all very happy, i think. well, i told you, never a dull moment....let's see what today brings!

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