Friday, April 10, 2009

too many dogs

so, i haven't written in a few days, but with good reason. tuesday and wednesday were probably two of the craziest days heidi and i have had yet...which is saying a lot! tuesday was the C3 puppies' last round of shots. heidi had a demo to go to with CAMDEN at 8 and the vet appt was at 530 so she came to my apartment with CAMDEN, CLAIRE, CAROLINE, and CORINA. well, we already had BRADIE and WYATT, so that made 6 dogs in my apartment for a few hours. this is one of those times we just kind of ignore the dogs because if you try to clean up every mess and keep them calm and quiet you'll just go nuts, so we don't! anyways, we eventually got everyone loaded up for the vet (much to my poor BRADIE's relief). we got to the vet, with car-sick puppies in both of our cars. the vet actually went very smoothly and quickly, surprisingly, and so heidi left with CAMDEN for her demo and i left with the 3 puppies to take them back to the prison. it was all pretty uneventful except for a lot of car-sickness, but i just decided to ignore that. (don't worry, i got my car professionally cleaned today, all better!)

well then came wednesday, so i set out for classes from 730-3 and left directly from there to drive halfway home to meet dad. there we switched cars and i brought TRAVIS, CHAENEY, and BRINKLEY to morgantown. on the way, i dropped TRAVIS and CHAENEY at the prison so they can be in training while dad is gone on his very extended business trip this upcomming week and the next. BRINKLEY went home with me. well, heidi had picked up WYATT so she could take him to the prison for me so i would be left with only my 2 dogs at my apartment. however, she had to go evaluate a possible new rescue dog and decided to take him with. she ended up getting done later than me, and called me when she was done. only, she didn't call to say "hey! the eval went great, got a great new dog, taking WYATT back to the prison and going home now!" no no no no no. she called to say that WYATT ate his leash while he waited in the car. and by ate his leash, i really mean that there remained only a few inches of leash and the hook in her car. oh this dog. so, rather than both of our long long days ending quietly, she came over so we could proceed with retrieving the eaten leash.

it would be deadly for WYATT to try to pass 3+ feet of leash. also, to avoid extremely and i mean extremely expensive surgery (please ask TRAVIS if you'd like details) we have to make him throw up before the leash began digesting and moved out of his stomach. for those of you who don't know (it's a very handy trick) you make them swallow some hydrogen peroxide and it works like a charm. well, up came the huge piece of leash, WHOLE. don't ask me how he swallowed it whole. but then i got to keep him for the night as he still felt pretty sick. depsite our best efforts, my apartment is always full! at least i had heidi to help me all week, thank gosh.

so, after BRINKLEY's vet appointment thursday morning (where we unexpectedly had to get 2 of her cysts lanced and that turned into a whole ordeal too!) katey and the 2 dogs and i headed home for Easter break. thank goodness! well, i hope that was enough excitement to report. it sure must have been entertaining for the fly on the wall!

have a very Happy Easter!

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  1. Whoa Kyria!!! You are the woman!!!! I don't know of ANYONE who can still laugh after all that you have gone through this week. You are definitely gifted in what you do. I hope you have some 'peace and quiet' over the weekend. Happy Easter!! Can't wait to see you next weekend..xoxo

  2. You know? You really need to keep yourself busier.