Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WYATT the hippo

well, yesterday we returned to our usual habits of panera & sign language with our date, WYATT. it was generally uneventful, as it should be. however, during a particularly quiet time in class while someone was signing in front of the class, WYATT decided he was bored and did a HUGE and i mean HUGE really really loud hippo groan and extended it for about, oh, 30 seconds or so. there was a huge uproar of laughter, and we were successfully off-track for a good portion of the interpreting after that. it was hilarious and higly embarassing all at the same time. WYATT never fails to provide me with excitement, i promise you that.

however, our favorite boyfriend has to go back to the prison for a while tomorrow. i get to go home this weekend for Easter and then i will be back here for 2 days only to leave for charlotte & wilmington, so WYATT is gona go back to the prison so he doesn't have to move all around my crazy life with me! he is only happy when he's groaning, sleeping, running, chewing, and wiggling...so why stress him out!

i hope you're all doing well. hopefully these travels will give me some exciting news to report soon!!

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