Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hittin the road

well, tomorrow it's finally here. CAMDEN and CAYLIE are spending the night here with me as i attempt to prepare for this extended roadtrip. usually our trips are a whirlwind of up and back, but this time we were able to make it more extended. we're leaving tomorrow and will stay in charlotte until next wednesday afternoon! we will get to spend a day with each alex and jack, and then we'll also get to go to a fundraising event with each. we're making the best of our mileage this time and we're very excited! then on our way back, we are stopping in alderson to attend the end of bootcamp at our newest prison opening. dad and karen have run the first half of bootcamp this week, and we'll all wrap up together next week. so, this is a 9 day trip for us...and we already have some down-time penciled (make that penned) in! this is very excited, a real life working vacation....including the vacation part! needless to say heidi and i are very excited and i'll have lots to report so i'll be sure to keep updates coming from the road!!

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