Saturday, May 23, 2009

great day

not that i'm surprised to report, but we had an amazing day here in nc yesterday!  we spend the morning at alex's house with his parents and CAMDEN.  after the minor arrival excitement, CAMDEN did so so well.  he met the cat, milo, for the first time.  it wasn't too eventful, CAMDEN quickly respected milo's terms and after the excitement ended he was pretty much over it.  alex was his usual happy, giggly self which, of course, made our day.  CAMDEN was very good with alex yet again, sneaking up several times to give kisses.  he didn't mind a bit when alex accidentally pulled his tail either.  after taking off alex's socks (i think this is going to be alex's new favorite game!) CAMDEN got a few swift kicks to the nose and automatically started kissing alex's feet.  in fact, it became a game for CAMDEN to try to kiss the foot before it could kick him...and after, too!  they were so cute.  probably the most profound thing we noticed about CAMDEN this time was his affinity for alex's mom, kathy.  CAMDEN was focused on her the entire time, and carefully followed her each time she would stand up or leave the room.  their bond will be instrumental in fostering the bond with alex, and in how much CAMDEN can enhance alex's life.  CAMDEN also engaged dad, matt, a lot more this visit...i think matt was happy about this, too! it was such a great visit and definitely served as a solid next step in the process!

later in the afternoon, we went to visit one of out social-therapy dogs, LIBERTY, in her new home.  LIBERTY was rescued from a shelter having just had a litter of puppies.  to say she was in bad shape does not explain the situation.  however, the ladies of paws4prisons at hazelton did a wonderful dog of rehabilitating her, as well as training.  she has been happily living in nc with a family and going with another p4pNC volunteer to visit hospice.  recently, some situations changed with her family and we had to find her a new home.  let me tell you, seeing her looking happier and healthier than ever playing ball in her new backyard was such a great thing to see.  just to know that we all gave her a chance at having the playful, happy, spoiled, lazy life every dog deserves is what this is all about! she is definitely, finally, in her forever home : )

of course, we've been taking lots of pictures but i will post them all together after the trip in an attempt to save my sanity.  later today we're going to visit jack so i'll keep you updated!

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