Friday, May 1, 2009

love fridays, especially this one

this morning, heidi, sara, WYATT and i went to accept a grant from the wvu college of business & economics. this is the second year we have received the corporate responsibility class grant. this year, it was for paws4vets to help us finance the transfer training of the first 5 veterans for whom we have dogs waiting (WYATT, PUMPKIN, DEJA, SADIE, and RAIDER). of course, it was pouring the rain this morning, we had to circle the garage for 20 min looking for a spot and finally katey rescued us by coming to park the car while we ran off to the ceremony (she's always saving me, thank gosh). anyways, just another morning of shenanigans. i was the contact for the grant so i had to be there to accept the check, but unfortunately i had a class (my last one of the semester, no less!) 30 min later so i had to run after the presentation. this left heidi and sara to work the press for us, which they handled flawlessly, of course. heidi did a few interviews but only one has been braodcasted to far, you can watch her and WYATT here. how exciting! the rest of the day was rather uneventful, and WYATT performed like an expert advocate all day long!

have a wonderful weekend!

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