Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my boy

well, as you obviously know if you'd read just about any single post i've written, i love WYATT. but today, i realized he really is my boy. if you're a dog person, you know there's that day when they just do something to let you know you're their person and they really just want to make you happy. tonight, katey and i had to go to rehearsal for a little play we're in for the foreign languages department. since WYATT had already been kenneled during our classes today, i decided i just had to take him. that boy did a solid down-stay for 20 minutes while we ran through our skit. everytime i would go on stage and he would see me, he would wag and wiggle as much as he could while still staying down. then, when i came back to him he just wiggled and bounded up ran to me in a room full of people and it was just our little moment. i know, that sounds ridiculous! but he is just such a little brat and a pusher sometimes that i thought he would always be a little bit of a challenge...the most lovable challenge i've had, but still always pushing for his extra inch. but the last three times i've had him out, it's been absolutely effortless.

i know what it's like on graduation day to place the dogs we love and are so proud of, how bittersweet it is. but when that day comes for this boy, it will be an extra special victory (and loss). i just cannot wait (but i don't mind if it takes a little longer!) : )

i hope you had a very blessed day,too!

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  1. Wyatt is very special. But, can you fix that hair?


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  3. he just can't help it he's cool enough to have a mohawk!