Wednesday, May 27, 2009

packing up

well, we had a lovely memorial day here with candace and paul.  we explored ikea (it makes me want a new apartment right now!), went bowling with candace's parents and grandma (what a trip...but the biggest trip was me!), and had a great cookout!  yesterday we took CAYLIE to candace's class for a little while then met dad for lunch at the concord exit so he could take a break in his trip down to georgia.  we are all over the map these days!  today we're packing up and heading out.  first we'll stop at camp wagging tails (local doggie daycare) so CAMDEN can appear at a fundraiser for alex.  it has been so so nice to catch up with these families and give the dogs a chance to perform all week!  not to mention to have a little time to relax with our friends.

now we're off to meet karen at prison #3 (alderson, wv) to help her complete bootcamp there.  their first four dogs (DEJA, SADIE, PUMPKIN, and IVY) moved in last week and are doing very well!  it's so exciting to keep opening new prisons to help more inmates, be able to train more dogs, and most importantly increase our number of clients each year : ) i'll let you know how it goes after i meet the new inmates and watch karen in action as chief trainer of FPC alderson!

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