Sunday, May 24, 2009


well sorry i didn't update sooner but we've been on a real non-stop sort of roll here!  i just wanted to report that we had a very nice day with jack and CAYLIE yesterday.  when we arrived at their house, we had some cuddle time with CAYLIE.  she did very well meeting their other two dogs, and MAGGIE quickly established her dominance, however she did so very civilly and i think CAYLIE will fit very easily into that new pack.  she was very sweet with jack, no surprises there!  we put on CAYLIE's new balance harness to practice walking with jack and conquering her biggest task of helping him up the stairs.  this went very well for the first attempt, although it will take some time and practice for both jack and CAYLIE to trust eachother and get into a groove that works for jack.  obviously, this is to be expected.  but i think it was very good to see that the harness will definitely suit the situation and make this possible.  one step down!  jack's family put on a very nice cookout for us and we got to meet many more family and friends.  or should i say they got to meet CAYLIE, let me get my priorities straight!!  jack was his usual charmer self as we were leaving and assured not only CAYLIE, but also heidi and i that he loved us and would miss us : ) he is definitely the ladies' man!

this morning we went to our dear friend sweet sue's church to meet the sunday school classes with CAMDEN and alex.  this church is going to have a dinner for us as a fundraiser in the fall.  karen and CAYLIE went to church with jack to meet all those who helped his successful bbq a few weeks ago!

that's all for now!

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