Wednesday, June 17, 2009


hey all, so classes have gone well the first two days. the days are very long and non-stop; but we alternate between one hour of lecture and one hour training with the dogs, so it goes by pretty quickly. karen and i are re-learning a lot of the classroom info from things we have studied with heidi and taught the inmates, so thankfully we aren't too stressed and bogged down with cramming it all. the most fun has been that any time we are working with a dog, we have to be in a wheelchair. of course, this concept is not foreign to us, as our dogs at home get worked with chairs all the time, but it's usually the inmates doing it. so, this has been a fun and exciting twist for karen and i! so far, we have been rotating dogs, and rotating very when we finally get assigned our dog today, it will be a big relief! that's why today will be so exciting, so i'll be sure to report all about my dog right away!!

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