Monday, June 15, 2009

from the left coast

well, we have made it safe and sound. although karen and i were to arrive here an hour apart saturday night, we ended up arriving 5 minutes apart due to delays and actually came into neighboring gates. the luck didn't end there, we picked up our luggage at neighboring carousels and only had to wait 5 minutes for the bus to santa rosa. truly eerily easy travel, someone was watching out for us! we took the bus to the city of santa rosa, then were picked up by a staff member from the school. we spent yesterday unpacking, oganizing, and getting acquainted with the dorm. then, we took a taxi for our grocery run, which was quite an interesting and exhausting experience. our class will have 13 people in it, with 7 of us living in the dorm. so, we have met the other 5 peole living with us so far and will meet the rest when we begin our first day of class here in about an hour! i didn't think the 3-hour time difference would matter much, but my sleep schedule is very thrown off! hopefully i'll adjust soon. other than that, i am loving the scenery, temperate weather, good food, and many dogs right outside my dorm window : )

i miss my own babies dearly, but am really looking forward to getting this started! we'll let you know how it goes today when we have time! (karen's also blogging on the p4p blog, the link is on the right-hand column of my page)

miss you all on the east coast!

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