Thursday, June 11, 2009

very supersiticious

hey all! i figure now that i'm safely back in va (for 48 whole hours!) it's time to update you on our recent travels. as i mentioned, we had a whirlwind 2-day trip to wilmington. although it was such a rush, it was still wonderful to be in one of my favorite places : )

well, the reason for the trip was a big meeting, a follow-up to the "big meeting" in our last trip. i know, i know, i drive you all nuts....but i can't bring myself to reveal the big news until it is final. i know it's silly to be so supersticious, but i don't want to say more than i should before we know everything. i promise, though, that within a few weeks the big announcement will be possible.

what i can tell you, though, is that we stopped in charlotte on our way back to do a dog switch. the (very) bad news is that i had to say goodbye to my precious girl BRADIE LYNN, since candace is so sweetly taking care of her while i'm in ca. now, please understand, B has been my baby since she was born (literally, in our house) and has lived with me since i left for college. this is by farrrr the longest i've been without her and it's a very sore subject. but to lift my spirits just a little, we picked up SOLOMON as he's staying with dad for a lot of school training and some visits with erin while karen & i are gone! he is still the same sweet boy, only he now acts (92% of the time) like a little grown up who's a pro at his manners and commands. he's been his sweet, clingy self ever since we picked him up : )

on that note, a very special thank you to candace and karen for having SOLOMON in our "concord training slot" for the past few months. i can already see the world of difference it's made in him. he's really grown up! also, thank you so much to candace's parents for giving SOLOMON a place to stay down there. i know they fell very much in love with him and he truly changed them into dog people. in fact, i was relieved when we went to pick him up and he had not been kidnapped! we promise to have another dog down there to train soon, to fill their now-empty house!

well, now i must prepare for the massive tasks of catching up on emails, finishing all i can around here, running errands, packing, and squeezing in a dreaded dentist appointment before i leave. i'll update you as soon as we land in ca!

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