Wednesday, July 8, 2009


well, as i always try to make some highlights of our families' wonderful public awareness campaigns, i need to report that a very generous fundraiser by jack's church has brought in another wonderful helping donation! congrats to them on the good work!

we had the besssst time at the river on monday. sae, a bachelor's student here form japan who has been here for a few years, took us to a secret spot. it was like a pebbly sandy little bank with a gentle slope so the water was shallow for a while. the river was very narrow and very calm at this point. we took 9 dogs, and they had the best time! every stick was like the greatest toy. VIGGO would not stop retrieving the whole two hours we were there, even when the rest of the dogs came up onto the beach for breaks. if i would stop throwing the stick trying to get him to rest, he would just swim out to the deeper part and paddle slow circles, and stick his nose under and blow bubbles like he was just bored waiting on me! it was so funny we started to call him the hippo! it was such fun.

anyways, the last two days have been predominantly lecture, which is a little hard for karen and i who just want to be hands on and train. some of the info, especially yesterday spent entirely on social therapy how-to's, makes the days a little long for us. however, it is nice to share our experiences during discussion times. after tomorrow the schedule will go back to being a lot more fast-paced and hands-on, so we will perk right back up! hope you enjoy the pictures!

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