Tuesday, July 14, 2009

client training

so, just as i am starting to begin formal planning for our next p4p graduation from 3000 miles away, adi clients have arrived for transfer training. we have 3 actual clients and 2 mock clients (people who are interested in the program, to enable us to have enough people in training to make the 13 of us not seem too many). we have been assigned the lectures, meals, fieldtrips, and graduation so we are now in charge of the planning, implementing, and teaching of the same program we went through the first two weeks. it's a little stressful! i was assigned the first lecture yesterday morning (of course!) but it went really really well! no more lecturing for me! all i have left are dog demos and leading practices and a few jobs at graduation.

to say our time here is flying by would be an understatement! it's so nice to have the clients around and the vibe that they bring, and i'm more ready than ever both to stay here longer and to get home to my own dogs and clients and get back to work! it's going to be an exciting but stressful final two weeks with the same long, weird hours we started with. so, we'll try to keep you updated as much as possible! keep your fingers crossed VIGGO & i do a great demo today : )

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