Tuesday, July 28, 2009


hi all! sorry, again, for my failure to update. now that i am back to some form of sanity, and have a working computer, i'll attempt to get up to speed! the last week of client training/our time in california was craaaazy, as expected. graduation was wonderful, stressful, emotional, and everything else rolled into one. it was so gratifying to meet and aid the clients, and so sad to leave our new family. although the days were long and the time flew by, it felt like we were all together for much much longer than 6 weeks. goodbyes were very hard.

so, the big surprise is that i came home from bergin u with a dog! SALLY, silly sally as she is known there, is now the next wonderful p4p dog. i have posted some pics of her before, as has karen, she was jenny's dog during our time there. she is the cutest yellow lab ever! and our very first yellow lab in the program. she was released from adi as a demo dog due to some behaviors she has that will make her unsuitable for mobility asisstance placement. we're not sure exactly what her long-term role will be with p4p, but she is staying with me for 2 weeks until our next trip to alderson. she will then be transferred there to karen's program and we'll eval and continue training her from there. she is very sweet and expressive, and very quirky. she reminds me a lot of WYATT, so that's a dead giveaway how much i like her! she and i had some very stressful times on our way home--her first flight and my first time flying with a dog. all the stress was on my part though, as she did flawlessly through all of the encounters and layovers and curious people and cramped spaces at my feet!

well, that's all i can think of now. at some point i'll post my hundreds of california pictures on my photobucket, but first i have to filter and sort through them all, so it'll be a bit. now i'm back to the real world, my little west coast bubble has bursted! so i promise to keep up with the blog again!
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