Sunday, July 19, 2009

toooo much

sorry to have not written in a while, but as our time winds down here the length of our days only increases. starting with kennel cleaning and puppy training through client training then meetings and other things, all of our days last week were at least 13 hours long. it is taking its toll! i am so excited to go home soon, but also rapidly becoming sad about leaving this place and the team we've created. this week will only be crazier as we finish client training and plan and execute graduation on saturday. i will update as possible but probably infrequently until i am finally back and able to rest just a little on the east coast.

(not to mention that my computer has pretty much officially bitten the dust so i have to snag karen's to do anything!)

i also have a fairly huge surprise to reveal but, as usual, i will wait until it is in effect before i let you know ; )

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