Wednesday, August 5, 2009


so, i'm holding down the fort while the parents get a few days of r&r. yes, even terry went on a real vacation! (even though he only gets to stay 3 days) anyways, today i thought it was about time to clean the know, so there's at least a little less to do the night before mom gets home ;) all i can say is we sure put the stress on the shop vac, dyson, and dirt devils around here. well, after refinding the floors, SALLY and i had a big adventure to the vet.

the vet moved, so i got a little lost...much to SALLY's dismay. she basically hates every second in the car, but she's very good at putting up with it anways. we got there and they were a little late taking us into the appointment, so we got plenty of exposure in the waiting area. SALLY made friends with the african grey parrot who lives there. in fact, he talked to her a lot and they had a very long stare down. i don't think her ears went down or her face unwrinkled the whole time we waited....although she did lay patiently at my feel all the while. she knows just how to push her limits ;) she also tried to steal a few cats out of their crates and didn't really know what to think of one particularly yappy little dog as it came and went. she definitely showed interest in all of these, but did not go to the end of the leash or bark or break command...although i'd be lying if i said she wasn't a little distracted!

all-in-all, it was a good day for SALLY. she made sure to stay within her boundries and had her tail wagging throughout her needle-pokes. the vet called it a happy tail, but i think she's just a happy SALLY. she sure does keep me laughing!

on other exciting news, yesterday i went to look at some puppies and was so awed by them that i ended up putting a deposit on two! that's what you get for sending me to look at puppies alone! there is one boy and one girl and i will pick them up at 8 1/2 weeks on the 18th. then i'll have them for a few days and get their vet visit in before i take them up to hazelton. they are now officially named...but their names will, as per my style, remain a mystery until i can get their first official, adorable pictures :) i'll keep you posted!

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