Monday, August 10, 2009

thank gosh for monday

well, to say it was a whirlwind weekend would be putting it lightly. first, on friday, i finally made it back to wv! allison and i headed up the road with EBONY and 250 lbs of food. we packed the food so EBONY had sooo much room and a fluffy bed; but she decided to sleep on top of the food, wedged between the bags and the roof, the whole way. it was hilarious. we had a wonderful visit with our next paws4vets client, brandon, at both the sff and the camp. it was so nice to see all our program inmates again and the long lost heidi! then, we made the trek all the way home...oh, did i mention with CAMDEN, CAYLIE, INZLIE, and CLAIRE in the car!

well, then we were home with 11 dogs. i know it seems unbelievable, but with what we're used to around here this isn't too big of a deal. except, little did i know that'd i'd just brought home the 3 biggest princesses and an even bigger prince. these dogs, who are used to being walked around the manicured lawns at the prison, refused to go out in the back yard! when i'd finally push them out, they'd huddle together and refuse to step off of the patio. oh my gosh! so i had to leash them one at a time and walk around forevvver until they decided to go. therefore, the usual 5 or 10 minute dog-letting-out process turned into 30 minutes every few hours.

finally, i decided i'd had enough and let allllll the dogs out (forced out the 4) and went out to do yard work. eventually, one very cautious step at a time, they all came off of the patio and learned that playing in the big yard is fun! thank gosh! so the 2nd half of the weekend they finally went out on their own! oh, and let me tell you, the feeding routine was a little drawn out too! however, all of the and old and mine and yours...all had a very fun weekend and were pretty well behaved, too.

well, this morning we got up at 4 to get the dogs ready and car packed for dad's trip to alderson. this means that CLAIRE, INZLIE, and to my sadness my silly SALLY, are joining the ranks of the women at alderson! they left equipped with their toys, notes, and instructions from their previous trainers : ) i told SALLY she was going to see karen and she didn't seem sad to leave me at all! CAMDEN also went, and he will leave with karen after their 2 days there to finish his public access & refinement and eventually begin his transfer training process in charlotte. CAYLIE will stay here to go on our trip to jesup, ga and to charlotte this week, where she'll get to see jack!

ahhhh another graduation is speeding towards us! i don't know if i can handle it.

anyways, mom comes home from vacation today so i really need to get up and get this place cleaned up a bit so she doesn't have a heart attack from the aftermath of the 11 dog weekend! then, it's beginning to pack for the trip.

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